Eco-stevedoring EMAS III has been financed by European funds
EU Decision concerning third country registration under EMAS Regulation

Due to the interrelationship between the registration of organisations with multiple sites within the EU and the registration of organisations outside the EU, there are several different situations that can take place in reality. This Decision provides general guidance for cases that competent bodies, environmental verifiers and organisations

applying for EMAS have to cope with. The following three specific types of situations are analysed:

-Situation 1: Registration of organisations with sites located in more than one EU Member State (EU corporate registration),

-Situation 2: Registrations of single or corporate organisations with sites located in third countries (third country registration), and

-Situation 3: Registrations of organisations with sites located in both EU Member States and third countries (global registration).


This decision affects the implementation of the ECO-STEVEDORING Project in Turkey.